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sales agreement

1. Cargo and shipping insurance

All your orders are in safe and discreet packages. Shipping courier or company shipments that is aware of the content of the products. The information requested is written on the packaging of your products.

2. Shipping

Except for the products specified as fast shipping, if your order arrives beyond outside working hours, it will be uploaded in the next 5 (five) working days to order. In order for the products to be shipped to you, the necessary payment transactions related to the products must be completed by you.

3. Privacy

You just need your signature during delivery to let us know you have received your products. If you are not at the address when the cargo arrives, do not worry. The address of the place where you need to pick up the cargo will be left on the door as note. If you do not receive the cargo, your order will be sent back to us after about 1 (one) week. .