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100% Italian - cold extracted according to the best Italian tradition.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the condiments that can never be missing from our tables. It is used in the kitchen in several way, both cooked and raw, allowing to give space to our culinary fantasies. Natural food par excellence with multiple virtues, contributes to body growth, especially for its antioxidant quality. Olive oil is obtained from our fruits of the olive tree it is obtained by cold pressure from the pulp of the olives. Our bottles retain all the characteristic perfume, or the enveloping taste with small bitter aftertaste but at the same time soft and delicate, and the typical colour ranging from golden yellow to green. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is distinguished from other oils by its rich beneficial properties useful for our health. Soledòr Extra Virgin Olive Oil is transformed by carefully selected and picked olives in order to maintain the quality and taste that is then brought to many that choose our product.