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100% Italian - cold extracted according to the best Italian tradition.

Condiment obtained by infusion in Soledòr extra virgin olive oil and fresh Chilli Peppers.

Chilli Pepper, defined as "the spicy red pepper with a burning taste like pepper" is the fruit of a herbaceous or shrubby plant belonging to the Capsicum genus and to the Solanaceae family, coming from Central and South America, which has been united for a long time , due to its spiciness, with pepper (Piper Nigrum), originally from India. The name Capsicum is linked to the Latin term capsa, which indicates a container, alluding to the shape of the chili pepper, a small box that contains all the seeds, and to the Greek term kapto, which means "I bite, I eat very greedily", due to its dowry to stimulate the appetite.

Recommended Combinations:
A particular and winning combination of extra virgin olive oil and hot pepper, it is a condiment that is able to marry perfectly with some of the typical dishes of the food and wine tradition of our country, adding that "something extra" to each course. The carefully measured Soledòr chilli enriches the classic taste and aroma of extra virgin olive oil with its strength, and gives it a fiery red color. The vivacity of the chili pepper enhances the flavors of legume soups, dishes based on grilled vegetables, pasta dishes, grilled meat or alla cacciatora. The bravest palates can also try it on fish soups or even on pizza.