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100% Italian - cold extracted according to the best Italian tradition.

Condiment obtained by infusion in Soledòr extra virgin olive oil and porcini mushrooms.

Porcino is the "vulgar" name of a series of mushrooms, which can be found in Italy at different latitudes. We find it in the oak and chestnut woods in the plains, but also in the fir and beech forests of the high mountains. For the preparation of Soledòr flavored dried porcini mushrooms are used, which are infused in extra virgin olive oil for a sufficient time.

Recommended Combinations:
Its use is inevitable to give the characteristic scent to important meats, for example a seared fillet or a rump in a crust. It can be used in the preparation of sauces and sauces, or cold on pumpkin soups, or as a final touch for a first course based on fresh pasta. The gamble? Put a few drops on your spaghetti with clams.