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100% Italian - cold extracted according to the best Italian tradition.

Condiment obtained by infusion in Soledòr extra virgin olive oil and fresh Lemons.

The lemon has been cultivated for centuries all over the world, in Italy it is one of the most versatile and widespread citrus fruits. It is grown not only for the juice, but also for the peel which, in addition to the precious essential oil, provides raw material for the confectionery industry and distilleries. Juice and essential oil, mixed with Soledòr extra virgin olive oil, provide the flavored product with precise organoleptic characteristics.

Recommended Combinations:
It is the absolute must with fish dishes, you could also use it on raw carpaccio and molluscs, if the idea of ​​using it to revive a boiled cod is not enough! The combination with lean meats, however, should be considered, together with the option of a vegetable dip. If you want to go further, however, think of fresh strawberries with a few drops of lemon flavoured oil.