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“Quality and tradition on our tables”

SOLEDOR products represent the symbol of the authentic recipe of the pasta masters made with durum wheat semolina. Our duty is a way of life, a brilliant expression of Italian culture. It is truly an artisanal product, made according to the ancient rules of the sector and with the resulting characteristics. Industrial production involves the use of storage semolina and drying at high temperatures, with consequent pre-cooking of the product and hardening of the same. With this procedure the pasta is apparently more tenacious and resistant. For the production and drying procedure that we set between 37 and 38 degrees, it acquires a very porous structure, has a dry residue and an above-average lightness. Also for this reason, during cooking, it must be treated with care and delicacy. The result will pay off as you can check the organoleptic qualities of our product and the high growth in cooking.